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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Tickler File - Opening Keynote

If you're overwhelmed by what crosses your desk, it's worth considering the benefits of having a file folder for each month of the year and a file folder for each day of the month. This idea, the "tickler file," system has been in practice for years.

Create a file for days 1-31 of the month, and place it at the front of one of your file drawers. Behind that, have a file for each month of the year. If it's the second day of the month, for example, but you receive something that you won't need to deal with until the 15th, then put it in the file for, say, the 13th to allow yourself some slack. If anything comes in that you don't need to handle now, put it in your tickler file. This yields some immediate benefits. It keeps your desk clear and eliminates a lot of worry about where things go.

As the days and months go by, you continually take files that were in front and put them in the back. Once you get this system in place, you'll find that many of the things you file may not need to be acted on later. The benefits of this system are immediate.

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Clearing Your Desk - Opening Keynote

To make your desk and office environment support you, invest in yourself. If you need them, room dividers and sound barriers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can improve upon any existing sound barriers.

Use the end of the day and slow periods to keep your desk orderly and better prepare yourself for high octane output when you're ready to get started again.

Every evening, after you've cleared your desk, acknowledge yourself for what you accomplished that day. Don't beat yourself up for what you didn't do. If you can do better, you will, maybe not at once, but soon enough.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Can You Work From Home? - Opening Keynote

Beth Bravermann in her 2015 article "Work from home and still be a part of the office" writes:

"Love your commute-free workday away from the glare of fluorescent lights? Just don't get too comfortable. A recent study in the MIT Sloan Management Review found that bosses are more likely to attribute traits like 'responsible' and 'dependable' to in-office workers than those who work from home."

"If you're among the 13 million U.S. employees who work remotely at least once a week, try these moves to seem as present as those who appear in the office every day: Communicate constantly. Return calls as well as emails ASAP and make it easier for people to reach you by forwarding your office phone to a dedicated home-office line."

"When you have to be out, make sure colleagues know in advance, and put an automatic reply on your email that says when you'll be reachable again."

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ten Laws for Lifetime Growth - Opening Keynote

Here are observations by author Dan Sullivan, from his book The Laws of Lifetime Growth:

Always make your:

Law 1: future bigger than your past

Law 2: learning greater than your experience.

Law 3: contribution bigger than your reward.

Law 4: performance greater than your applause.

Law 5: gratitude greater than your success.

Law 6: enjoyment greater than your effort.

Law 7: cooperation greater than your status.

Law 8: confidence greater than your comfort.

Law 9: purpose greater than your money.

Law 10: questions bigger than your answers.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

A Notable Tribute - Opening Keynote

Humorist Gene Perret tells of the time he was addressing his daughter's elementary school and offering one of his presentations. When finished, on the way out of the auditorium, he passed a little girl who looked very upset.

He stopped and asked her why she was upset. She said that she wasn't. In a soft voice she said, "I thought you were so funny that I wet my pants." Gene considers this to be his greatest tribute.

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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Do you Have Concentration? - Opening Keynote

Here are notes from Sam Horn's session on Concentration from September 15th, 1981. Still great advice to this day!

* Concentration defined; voluntarily focused attention.
* Discipline of ignoring irrelevant matters
* Fixing ones' powers, efforts, and attention
* Most people work best under a deadline; when their concentration is focused.
* Fatigue is a big road block to concentration

This last note is telling!:
* Society is moving towards a lower frustration tolerance with less discipline, and more need for immediate gratification. These are detriments to concentration.

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Friday, February 02, 2018

Working with a Bureau - Opening Keynote

What do bureaus seek when working with speakers?
   *  They respond to a unique approach and unique material.
   *  They prefer an audio book or web link. Books go into a huge pile, some not looked at again.
   *  They prefer bureau-friendly links or attachments, although they recognize that their clients can find the speaker via search engines.

    * They seek speakers who accurately and promptly report product sales.

How do bureaus prefer to evaluate speakers?
   #1 seeing a speaker live.
   #2 hearing from other bureaus or trusted speakers.
   #3 being invited to a presentation, whether or not they can attend.
   #4 being offered airfare to see a speaker.

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