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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Best Practices, Meeting Planners - Opening Keynote

Best Practices among meeting planners;

* Complete the speaker's pre-program questionnaire well in advance.

* Avoid over-scheduling their meeting attendees.

* Produce a professional, accurate flier or other meeting literature.

* Set up the room as the speaker has requested, including the type of microphone, arrangement of seating, lighting, and even ventilation.

* Plan in advance for adequate food and restroom breaks.

* Keep the speaker informed of program changes, room arrangement, or meeting objectives.

* Make the speaker feel welcome, needed, and liked.

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Monday, October 08, 2018

The Ills of Multi-tasking - Opening Keynote

Multi-tasking: time saver or time waster? You've got a big conference coming up, so you double-up on tasks, and why not: multitasking is promoted as an efficient way to meet the complex demands of our modern society and accomplish more in the same amount of time. But is it really?

Have you ever attempted to work on a document while cruising the Internet or talking on the phone? You don't accomplish much, and time mysteriously disappears.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Online Presentation on "Change" - Opening Keynote

Is managing rapid change a challenge for you? Everywhere you look there are life-long career professionals losing confidence in their ability to stay competitive in our rapidly changing society. Concurrently, no one in society has a long-term lock on any market niche and no body of information affords a strategic competitive advantage for very long. The reality of our times is that everyone is feeling at least a little unsure of himself and in that sense everyone is in the same boat.

It's normal to be confused. Yet, top professionals maintain confidence and balance, independent of the frequency of change to which they're exposed, and how they maintain a sense of breathing space along the way. They:

* Seek small victories
* Take new approaches to learning
* Maintain self-confidence when in mastering change
* Make new choices for new results

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Notes from: The How of Wow - Opening Keynote

Notes from The How of Wow by Tony Carlson

* According to Tony Carlson only 1 in 500 speeches is good enough to be remembered. To be among those remembered, Carlson says you need to give audiences insight, enlightenment, meaning, stimulation, wit, and entertainment.

* Emulate the greats and soon your own style will take over but with the power of the greats

* Few speakers ever rehearse enough. Every extra moment you have ought to go into rehearsing.

* Your opening line can be a shocker that lets the audience know you mean business. Don’t be afraid to say something that people already suspect, but no one will say except for you.

* Show your vulnerability early in the speech. I recall when Tom Peters said at an NSA convention. “It’s intimidating to think about speaking to a roomful of speakers.”

* Keynotes benefit by a strong start, a rising middle, that grows and grows until you feel a sense of catharsis, a climax of emotion that your audience enjoys.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Speak Slowly: Live Longer! - Opening Keynote

Here's an insight for the new year: Taking your time to speak lowers blood pressure.

"Talking fast, that classic Type-A personality trait, may put you at greater risk for heart disease," according to a study in the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

Health-care researchers measured the blood pressures and heart rates of 111 cardiac patients as the subjects read the U. S. Constitution rapidly for two minutes, then slowly for two minutes. The rapid reading triggered a rise in the subjects' blood pressures and heart rates, two heart-disease risk factors.

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Saturday, September 08, 2018

More Breathing Space - Opening Keynote

The most effective way to manage your time is to stay in control of it, to protect yourself from unwanted intrusions. What would your life be like if you had more breathing space?

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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Some Humor, Please - Opening Keynote

Quick ways to sprinkle in humor:

* Add a completely incongruous slide to your A/V presentation.

* Prepare a ready list of comical "blooper comebacks" for possible miscues.

* Offer a funny "Top-10 list" related to your message.

* Devise "What's In and What's Out" parody related to your topic.

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