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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Catchy Titles Counts - Opening Keynote

Never forget the value of a catchy name, advertising, and promotion. Pikes Peak is actually only the 25th highest mountain in the American Rockies, but it is the one that everyone refers to first.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Better Presentations - Opening Keynote

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE offers vital tips for being more effective as a speaker:

Why do you sometimes like a killer in the movies? Because Hollywood builds in the likeability factor, so that the audience ends up pulling for the villain despite that person’s flaws. If Hollywood film-makers can make audiences root for vicious murderers, then certainly the techniques they use can also win audiences over to your side. Build likeability into your characters when you are telling a story on stage. Identify the values, needs, and wants of your audience. Then, tell them about the characters who share these qualities.

When movies provide a compelling story and finish up with a heart-tugging or eye opening conclusion, they become unforgettable Oscar winners. The funniest or most exhilarating story will be pointless if you don't tie it into your theme and provide a lesson learned. When Ingrid Bergman leaves Humphrey Bogart and gets on the plane to Casablanca it tells the audience that in wartime honor comes before love. The characters in great movies struggle against huge odds, demonstrating to audiences that it is better to lose then never try at all.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Coffee Fiends Unite! - Opening Keynote

An astounding one half of all American adults spend $1000 on coffee every year. So, it appears that long and generous coffee breaks at conferences are likely to prove popular.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Why People Volunteer - Opening Keynote

Need help with your next meeting? Here is a roster of reasons why people volunteer:

1. Fill time
2. Repay a perceived indebtedness
3. Because someone they love benefits
4. To set an example for children
5. To work as a family
6. Someone they love is also involved
7. To meet people
8. To please someone else
9. To have fun
10. To gain skills
11. To gain experience
12. To be visible
13. To gain credit
14. To express their religion or belief
15. To find happiness
16. To employ otherwise unused gifts or skills
17. Because of tradition
18. As part of a group
19. To maintain health
20. To explore new learning, ideas
21. To heal
22. To avert loneliness
23. Because of interest
24. As a hobby
25. Out of concern
26. To receive a tax benefit
27. To counter-point paid work
28. As an extension of a job
29. Because they were assigned
30. To survive tragedy (cope)
31. To test leadership skills
32. To gain recognition
33. To acquire self-confidence
34. To be a change agent
35. To right a wrong
36. To work in a safe place
37. To save money
38. To have a purpose
39. To be a good neighbor
40. To get out of the house
41. To keep active
42. To experience new lifestyles
43. To feel a sense of power and success

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Try These Tongue Twisters - Opening Keynote

Tongue twisters have their place in the life of career professionals and all others who stand up before a group and “say a few words.” The more adept we become at diction, enunciation, and articulation, the better we can be for our audiences.

Here are two tongue twisters that I created, by accident – I tripped over each of them on the first encounter:
                * enriched white rice
                * fried white rice

Here are twelve other tongue twisters that I collected from the internet. Many of them can be said easily enough the first time, but the second time... well you try them:

    * Frogfeet, flippers, and swimfins
    * Green glass globes glow greenly
    * Red Buick or blue Buick
    * He threw three free throws

    * Iranian uranium
    * Three short sword sheaths
    * Freshly-fried flying fish
    * Unique New York

    * Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager
    * The epitome of femininity
    * A skunk sat on a stump
    * Green Greek grapes

When you master these, don't be surprised if your elocution skills in general improve. It's a natural outcome of the exercises you have undertaken.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Sidestep Telephone Bureaucracy - Opening Keynote

On the phone, do you want to reduce how long you're put on hold, or are forced to push an endless series of buttons? Visit for dialing short cuts to all the top airline, hotel, and travel sites. Reach a live person in record time!

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Friday, January 04, 2019

The Pre-speech Questionnaire - Opening Keynote

Does your conference speaker have a pre-speech questionnaire, which is usually a document of two to four pages that he/she submits to you far in advance of the presentation? While you might look upon this document as busy work, it's actually a key tool in ensuring that the presentation comes off as planned.

The professional speaker has taken the time to craft a document that includes questions that will help him/her to better know your audience, your organization, what you're trying to achieve, and what message you want to have delivered. Most importantly, it helps the speaker to understand what participants should know and how you'd like them to feel by the end of the presentation.

If needed, the speaker should be prepared to cover this form with you on the fly, over the phone. Often, this will be the most convenient way for you to handle this task, and the speaker needs to be accommodating in this area.

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