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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Check into your Hotel with Checklist - Opening Keynote

Jeff Davidson's Hotel Reservation and Check-in List
* Corporate, government, educator, weekend, AAA, USAA, or AARP rate?
* Express check-in?
* Express check-out?
* Early check-in, late check-out?
* Non-smoking room and floor?
* Room located on 3rd to 6th floor? (where fire ladders can reach).

* Green (environmentally best) room?
* Humidifier?
* Room without adjoining door to another guest room?
* Room recently renovated, refurbished?
* Away from noisy street, loading dock, ice machine, elevator, or other sources of disruption?
* Away from health club, meeting rooms, or other function rooms?

* Personal toiletries?
* Hair dryer?
* Room on executive/concierge level?
* Room on a low floor?
* Firm mattress, king-size bed?
* In-room coffee maker?

* Ironing board?
* Free newspaper – Wall Street Journal? USA Today? Metro paper?
* Complimentary breakfast, hours?
* Happy hour?
* Frequent flyer affiliations?
* Shuttle service to and from airport?

* Phone charges for calls from room? 800 calls?
* Pool, gym, room service?
* Cost?
* Hours?
* Did my package arrive?
* Hotel safe for valuables? (thieves know your room)

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Sunday, June 04, 2017

The 80/20 Rule in Meeting Management - Opening Keynote

The Pareto Principle -- the 80/20 rule -- can be of great help in coping with a long list of tasks to be accomplished especially in regards to planning and conducting a meeting. The mind boggles at long lists and many people become discouraged before they start. Or they begin with the easiest, leaving the most difficult for the last, and never quite get around to them. It helps to know that most of the benefit to be derived from doing what is on the list probably is related to just two or three items.

Select those two or three, allocate a block of time to work on each of them, and concentrate on getting them done. Don't feel guilty about not finishing the list, because if your priorities are valid most of the benefits are related to those two or three items you selected.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What Audiences Need - Opening Keynote

Since my first paid presentation in 1983, I’ve learned a great deal about what audiences need, want, and expect, which primarily boils down to four vital ingredients:

* to be informed,

* to be entertained,

* to participate in some way,

* and most of all to be inspired to take action.

Over the course of 34 years, remarkably, these four basic needs prevail.

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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Results Rule - Opening Keynote

In Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away, author Randy Pennington offers what he's learned from over 20 years of helping leaders and organizations build cultures focused on results. This book shows anyone – from the frontline to the boardroom – how to build and contribute to an organization that delivers results year after year after year.

Results Rule! explains how to:

1. promote honesty and candor as you tell yourself the truth about how your organization is viewed and what is standing in the way of its success

2. pursue the best over the easiest in every decision and action

3. leverage the power of partnerships both internally and externally

4. focus the energy to make the main things the main thing and execute flawlessly

5. continuously learn, grow, and improve because past success proves you were right once

6. show the courage of accountability personally and promote a culture of accountability with others

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Booking Speakers Who Go Beyond - Opening Keynote

What type of speaker routinely pleases meeting planners? The speaker who:

1.) Knows how to make the meeting planner's task easier and more enjoyable.

2.) Researches the audience in advance through interviews.

3.) Offers subject matter that directly coincides with audience needs.

4.) Is a lively and compelling presenter who engages the audience the whole way through.

5.) Offers value-added services which may include posting handouts on a blog or website, making follow-up calls, or offering desired bonus items or information.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Your Precious Attention - Opening Keynote

The Attention Economy by Thomas Davenport and John Beck, published by the Harvard Business School Press in 2001, has much to say about our current state of overload:

    * The new imperative for business success is managing attention. Internet traffic doubles every 100 days. Nearly 200 messages flood managers’ desktops daily. Welcome to the attention economy in which the new scarce resource isn’t ideas or even talent, but attention itself. Businesses are headed for disaster unless they can overcome the dangerously high attention deficits that threaten to cripple today’s workplace.

    * In the present economy, capital, labor, information, and knowledge are all in plentiful supply. It is easy to start a business, get access to customers and markets, develop a strategy, develop a web site, and design advertisements. What is in critical, short supply is human attention.

    * Vast amounts of information are available at one’s fingertips, but no one will be informed by it, learn from it, or act upon it unless they have pre-attention to devote to the information.

    * Attention is the real currency of business and individuals. It has many of the same attributes as money. Those who don’t have it want it. Those who have it want it even more. You can trade it, you can purchase it, and people work to preserve and extend what they already have. This is why caller ID devices and email-filtering software are so popular. People want to screen out that which diverts their attention.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stalling Compounds the Difficulty - Opening Keynote

What is the telephone call that you must make or the appointment that must be made –- the one that you keep putting off? Who is the person that you have to speak to –- the one that you're afraid to speak to. What is the task that must be undertaken -– the one that makes the daily list and is never acted upon?

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