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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Responsive Speaker - Opening Keynote

You can tell about a potential speaker's responsiveness early on. From the first time you made contact until the time the speaker is to actually make the presentation, to the follow-up, is this speaker responsive? You can gauge a speaker's level of responsiveness best, obviously, prior to the presentation. Are the materials that you request promptly submitted or readily available?

Does the speaker readily return phone calls? Or is the speaker in hiding and generally inaccessible before the presentation?

You can gain a sense of this immediately from each interaction after your initial call. If you
sense that the speaker's level of responsiveness is less than you desire, be wary. This may be a clue as to how the presentation and overall interaction with the audience may go. What was supposed to be a customized program may only be tailored. What was supposed to be tailored may only be a slight modification of off-the-shelf.

Responsiveness and attentiveness prior to the big event is the best clue that you've chosen the right speaker for the job.

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