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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Want to Preview Jeff Speaking? - Opening Keynote

The Carolinas Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants is presenting a program on Monday, May 22 how to manage your growing consulting practice in ways that maximize your personal enjoyment and benefit.

PRWEB -- The May 22nd program will be held at the Grandover Resort in Greensboro. The keynote dinner speaker is Jeff Davidson, founder of the Breathing Space Institute and a noted author and speaker. Mr. Davidson will focus on how you can truly master the information and communication overload you face every day in your practice. You’ll learn simple but powerful techniques to help you better manage information, control your environment, generate energy from your success and gain some real breathing space more often. So you can manage your pace with greater grace.

A Networking Social begins at 5:00pm and a Dinner featuring the keynote speaker at 6:00pm. Fees are $50 for non-IMC Members. For more information, call 704-364-4440

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Jeff Davidson - Expert at Managing Information and Communication Overload

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