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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Deals From Speakers - Opening Keynote

Are there instances when speakers can legitimately fit an organization's budget without altering their fees? "Absolutely" says negotiating specialist Jim Hennig, Ph.D. Speakers can legitimately charge different fees in different situations:

1. Multiple Engagements: two or more bookings deserve quantity discounts.

2. Dual Purpose Engagements: when the speaker accomplishes several thing at once speech.

3. A Shared Speaker: when an organization cannot afford a speaker, they include another organization to share the costs.

4. Product Sales: book, audio and other products.

5. Trades: Many speakers will trade for a needed product or service from host organization.

6. Different Fees for Special Groups: non-profit organizations, government agencies, etc

7. Time of Year Fees: lower fees for slow months, such as August or January.

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