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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Take Charge of Your Technology - Opening Keynote

On any given day, each of us is so sorely bombarded by the number of advertisements, commercial messages, and information streaming our way that it is no longer practical to discuss "getting away from it all." Indeed, most people carry some kind of mobile device that all but guarantees that they will continue to remain in the information shower regardless of the location, the time of day, or other factors.

Sundays offer no respite, nor do holidays. Every day, a non-stop stream of information, instruction, advice, directions, warnings, opportunities, and tempting offers. Is it any wonder that people from all walks of life these days, from CEOs of major organization to newly-hired, part time workers at fast food restaurants are feeling the pinch of too much to do, too much to respond to, and too much to keep up with, in our ever more complex world?

It's time to rule our technology and information-intake systems and not let them rule us.

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