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Saturday, December 05, 2015

Accessible Speakers - Opening Keynote

There might be some mystery and allure surrounding the speaker who doesn't interact with audience members prior to the speech. Increasingly, however, attendees want to see the speaker as a fellow professional, certified member of the human race, and someone who is accessible.

Are your speakers willing to meet with audience members prior to their actual presentation? If they'll be attending your conference or convention, are they willing to rub elbows with members or staff in the hallways, at other meeting events, just prior to going on stage, and afterwards, if time permits?

The functionally competent, oratorically stirring speaker who is aloof to your audience before and after presenting does not win over hearts and minds in the way that the fully engaging, personable, and accessible speaker does. Ask about this consideration when you're in the negotiation stage. You may be surprised as to the answers you receive.

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