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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Choose Effectiveness - Opening Keynote

Making deeply pronounced choices is an efficient way to get in control of life. An essential choice for all meeting planners is choosing to feel worthy and complete, especially at the height of your major convention--where every little mishap can seem as if it's much larger than it really is.

Simply say to yourself: "I choose to feel worthy and complete." It helps to reduce anxiety, stay calm and feel more relaxed. Depending on how long it's been since you've felt worthy and complete, you may have to make this choice for many days or weeks running. But keep at it.

By choosing to feel worthy and complete, you automatically redirect the inner and outer you to accept that there is nothing you must do or must finish. Everything is based on your choice. If you choose to continue working on some task, even one assigned to you, the choice is made in the present moment, not based on a prior agenda.

A worthy and complete feeling yields a tremendous sense of inner harmony.

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