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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Work with a Speakers Bureau - Opening Keynote

Why Would You Want to Use a Speaker Bureau?

* because the agents are dedicated professionals and among the tops in the field.

* because they work with only the best speakers who do a consistently outstanding job at every speaking engagement.

* because they are efficient, responsible, flexible, and stay highly attuned to your needs.

* and, when their bureau representative will meet with you on site at your location.

* and when they've been in business for +10 years and serve meeting planners effectively.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Meetings with Decorum - Opening Keynote

The Indianapolis Public School system has warned parents not to cheer when their child's name is read out at this year's high school graduation ceremonies. A letter from the superintendent reminded families that attending a graduation ceremony is a privilege, not a right, and warned that up to 30 police officers would be present at each ceremony to ensure good order. Graduation "is a joyous time, a proud time, and a formal time," he write. "It is not a party. It is not a pep rally."

Amen. I've personally witnessed graduation ceremonies that have turned into pseudo-popularity contests with raucous cheering for some students.

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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Speakers to Count On - Opening Keynote

What Makes for a Speaker You Can Count On?

* The speaker bills the client only for agreed upon reimbursable expenses and within three days following the event.

* The speaker never engages in inappropriate language, off-color jokes, or unprofessional behavior, either on or off the platform. The speaker pledges to you the highest standards of professionalism at all times.

* The speaker recognizes that trust is the essence of all effective long-term relationships and pledges to approach each situation by listening, reflecting, and seeking to follow the path to the highest good for all concerned.

* The speaker maintains consistent fees, whether booked by you or himself. The speaker absolutely never raises client fees for bureau-generated engagements. The speaker follows your direction regarding all product and ancillary service sales, keeps you informed as to purchases made, and promptly submits any agreed upon commission of the gross amounts of such sales.

* In addition to being excellent on the platform, the speaker serves as your emissary with the meeting planner, all meeting planning staff, and all attendees at all times.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Keys to the Future, circa 1990 - Opening Keynote

In his 1990 book, Powershift, author Alvin Toffler proclaimed that the top six keys to the future are:

* interactivity,

* mobility,

* convertibility,

* connectivity,

* ubiquity, and

* globalization.

When combined, said Toffler these six principles point to a total transformation, not nearly in the way we send messages to one another, but in the way we think, how we see ourselves in the world, where we stand in our relationships. Put together, they will make it impossible for any institution to manage ideas, imagery data information or knowledge as they once did.
Still true? Could be.

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Monday, May 02, 2016

Meeting Planners: Best Practices - Opening Keynote

Best Practices among meeting planners;

* Complete the speaker's pre-program questionnaire well in advance.

* Avoid over-scheduling their meeting attendees.

* Produce a professional, accurate flier or other meeting literature.

* Set up the room as the speaker has requested, including the type of microphone, arrangement of seating, lighting, and even ventilation.

* Plan in advance for adequate food and restroom breaks.

* Keep the speaker informed of program changes, room arrangement, or meeting objectives.

* Make the speaker feel welcome, needed, and liked.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Life after Powerpoint - Opening Keynote

Based on one study, what audiences find irritating about Powerpoint presentations:

   * speaker read the slides 60%
   * text too small to read 51%
   * text too wordy 48%

   * poor color choices 37%
   * moving text or graphics 25%
   * irritating sounds 22%

   * complex charts 22%

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Humility is Invigorating - Opening Keynote

In light of outburst by athletes at one venue after another, I am reminded of a young man with humility: Returning home from a presentation at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia, my car blew a tire. The young auto parts staff person who sold me the tire, then walked around to behind the store where my car was parked and got all dirty and sweaty installing the tire. Afterward, he was embarrassed to accept my tip.

In this small town, on a cool August day, I knew then and there I had plenty to be thankful for.

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